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"I have been waiting for Joanna to unveil her newest form of Art and the wait is finally over..Ta-da!! Here they are in all their beauty, original Art on silk scarves..As soon as I could I purchase one, I chose "Marionettes" and I could not have been more pleased with my purchase. I love and collect different pieces of Joanna's work, many which are close to my heart. I have always loved the painting "Marionettes" so I already had my heart set on this particular scarf. I love the colors used in the painting and now they are perfectly translated into wearable art. The feel and quality of the silk is beautiful and it has a nice weight to the fabric. The size is nice and generous and you can wear it in a variety of ways. If you fall in love with a design you should purchase one.. You will be happy that you did!!!"
Kathleen Magippinto (US)

 "I am delighted with my beautiful Irish/Polish/Japanese 'Marionettes' scarf. The design is quirky and original and the quality and finish are superb. The personalised packaging is a lovely touch."
Aine, Dublin (Ireland)
"I have long been an admirer of Joanna's work and when she branched out into designing scarves I was very excited. I purchased a large sillk scarf called 'Jesters' for its lovely vivid colours and joyful images - it is a scarf that makes me smile even when it is not being worn as it hangs on the back of my bedroom door bringing a little bit of Joanna's quirky world into my daily life! 
I enjoy the functionality of art and fashion working together and congratulate Joanna for managing to combine the two in a simply stunning high quality scarf 
that I know I will treasure forever."
Cecilia Kareem (Ireland)